Nurture your business during these strange times!

We do hope that you and your loved ones are managing to keep safe and well in these weird times that we find ourselves living in.

This current crisis is such a worrying time for us all, so we thought we’d put together some ideas as to how you can use this time to benefit your business.

Refresh your website

Give your website a good old audit! Check for broken links, ensure your SEO is on point and review your content. Is your copy shining and appealing to your target audience, or is it missing the mark somewhat? Don’t forget to check for any errors in your spelling, punctuation and grammar!

Write a blog

We’re all a little bewildered at the moment, so why not write a helpful or inspirational blog article? Share your knowledge and expertise, and place yourself as an expert in your field.

Send out an email newsletter

Reach out to your customers and let them know that you’re thinking of them in these difficult times. If you’re able to, how about letting them know about any special offers or online events that you may have coming up?

Spruce up your social media

Use this time to really think about your social media marketing and how it’s working for you. Are you on the right platforms? Could you branch out onto other channels? Are your graphics consistent with your brand? Would you benefit from a targeted ad campaign? There’s certainly plenty to consider, but now you have the time to do just that!

Plan new products or services

Work on any long-term plans that you may have been putting off because you’ve been too busy. Consider how you can reward your loyal customers and hopefully attract some new ones too.

Look for PR opportunities

Do you have an interesting story to share about your business? Perhaps it’s about how you are adapting your products or services in these uncertain times. Find out where your target audience hang out and get your story out there!

Get networking

We’re all in this together and you’ll feel so much better for a chat with other business owners who will no doubt have similar worries and concerns as you. It’s good to talk after all!

Have an inbox detox

Give your inbox a spring clean! Organise your folders, update your contacts and unsubscribe to any email newsletters that no longer interest you. It’s actually a very therapeutic exercise – I promise!

Review your contacts

If you’ve accumulated a big box of business cards that are just sitting around gathering dust, now’s the ideal time to get them into some form of database, whether that’s a simple spreadsheet or a more sophisticated CRM. There are plenty of fantastic systems out there and they don’t have to cost the earth either.

Be productive, not busy

Download a time tracker and focus on one piece of work only for a specified amount of time. Switch off other notifications to ensure you have no distractions and don’t forget to take a break. If you’re struggling to organise your time effectively, you can download your free daily planner here.

Be kind to yourself!

These are unprecedented times for us all and nobody has all the answers. Be gentle to yourself and know that we will come out of the other side of this crisis.

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If you need a helping hand with anything at all that we’ve covered, then please do get in touch. We would love to support you and help you navigate these turbulent waters!

Take care,

Lizzie and Sarah x

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