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Zoom is undoubtedly the video communication tool that everyone is talking about right now. Whether you’re a Zoom newbie or you’re already an aficionado, whether you’re using it for a business meeting or a virtual pub quiz with your friends, here are a few useful tips and tricks that can elevate your experience.

See everyone’s faces

If you want to see everyone in your meeting, instead of just the person who’s currently speaking, you can switch to ‘Gallery View’. To turn this on, all you need to do is click on the tab that says ‘Gallery View’ in the top right corner of your screen. You can change it back at anytime by clicking ‘Speaker View’ in the same place.

Beautify yourself

If you’re anything like me, you won’t have put any make-up on for well over three weeks now! I mean, what’s the point?! So, this handy feature is a real stroke of luck. To activate it, go to your ‘Video Settings’ and tick the box that says, ‘Touch Up My Appearance’. A softer, glossier and more well-rested version of yourself awaits!

Transport yourself to another place

If you’re struggling to find a suitable backdrop in your home (kids’ toys, piles of washing – you get the picture!), Zoom’s virtual backgrounds are a game changer. There are a few automatic options that you can choose from in your settings or why not customise your own virtual background? If you like the idea of a customised virtual background but you’re not quite sure how to do it, just let us know. We can point you in the right direction or create one for you.

Get to know your keyboard shortcuts

Take some time to get to know your keyboard shortcuts so that you can do things more easily and efficiently. A really handy one is being able to mute and unmute yourself by holding down the space bar, but you can find a full list in the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ section of your settings menu.

Record your meeting

A particularly useful feature for both free and paid subscriptions include the ability to record your meeting using the desktop app. Your recorded file can then be uploaded to your storage provider of choice, such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox. To set up your recording, go to ‘Settings> Recordings’ and make sure that it’s toggled. Then when you’re in your meeting, simply click the ‘Record’ icon on your bottom toolbar.

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